Tiny the Tiny House

Tiny had her Debut on Saturday! It was amazing! 

Showing up while raining was a bit discouraging at first, I know, I know, having a Tiny house would have solved that but I wasn’t looking forward to crawling around on the ground to get it set up. 

The reactions from the customers seeing a tiny house was wonderful. I’m still trying to figure out how to let people know it’s alright to come on in! Our next event is in Iberia in May and I’m so excited to show Tiny off again! If you happen to have free time and want to make a day of it, please come see us:

May 21st 12-7pm and May 22nd 9-3.

  • TC’s Junk Fest at the Barn. 41 Tavern Creek Rd, Iberia MO


Thank you to everyone who came to see us Saturday and everyone for your support!