Midwest Mama Mercantile

I started this adventure alittle over 4 years ago, We started with natural skincare, expanded to purses then moved on the jewelry and some clothing! Permanent Jewelry has opened us up to pop ups, home parties and so much more!

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Meet the Owner

Hello! My name is Jessica. I have 2 kids, a son and daughter as well as ridiculous amount of pets! I started with oils when i was pregnant and couldn’t take anything for my allergies. I had a baby shower that day and my eyes were so swollen, I could barely breathe and in walked my mom and best friend with oils and a diffuser! I couldn’t believe how amazing I felt after sitting next to that Diffuser for 30 Minutes! After that I was hooked!

As for my love of turquoise that started with my grandma gifting me with my first ring at 8 years old. The obsession has grown a lot since then.

Meet Tiny

I would like to introduce you to Tiny our traveling Mercantile. My friend Sandy and I found Tiny on a nasty day where I was second guessing my thoughts on going to Festivals. 30+ MPH winds were hard on a tent, products and the body. As we were leaving we saw George and Tiny with a For Sale sign! We had to have her! Tiny has been traveling with us all round Mid Missouri for 3+ years now and we cant wait to see what is to come.

Adventures of #TinytheTinyhouse